How to Dry Water Damage Carpet after a Flood or Burst Sewer Pipe?

Whether you are facing mildly damp or fully wet carpets, these tips will help you to dry the carpets after a flood or burst sewer pipes. Do not delay if you find water damage carpet; otherwise, it leads to mold growth and other health diseases. Do a quick assessment of that situation and start taking action. It would help if you looked at the following factors:

  • Carpet condition: damp or soaked
  • Carpet area: large or small
  • Time estimation
  • Water source

If there were a lot of standing water, it would be better to call wet carpet drying Melbourne experts. They know how to deal with the catastrophe and provide the best result in any situation. After that, contact insurance agents to inquire if it is covered under the policy.

Please note that you are running against time. Mold grows fast on wet surfaces, and you should dry the area quickly to prevent major damage.

Do not forget the padding; you can pull it back and replace it with a new one. Drying the pads will take a long time, so it is hard to dry them properly if you do not have the equipment.

Please keep the electrical appliances dry while using fans, blowers and dehumidifiers. Make sure the cords are not running across the standing water.

How to Dry Slightly Damp Carpets?

A gentle rain or minor pipe leakage can cause dampness in your room. You should use fans, blowers or hair dryers to extract moisture from that area. You may also use dehumidifiers to control the humidity. All these tools work effectively in case of minor damage. However, when using the hairdryer, do not get the nozzle too close to the carpets because the heat may melt the carpet fibers.

How to Dry Wet Water Damage Carpet?

Flooding due to city sewer surges or natural calamities can cause major damage to your property. If you find standing water on your premises or need urgent reinforcement, please call water damage carpet restoration services.

It is a complex process- extracting moisture is not enough in this case. You need to sanitize the area properly to prevent germ growth.

Professionals use large wet/dry vacuums, sump pumps to complete the water extraction and mitigation process.

If you want a DIY solution (not recommended), you can rent the above machines from local rental stores. Please make sure you have the right filters and accessories in place to complete the process. And to avoid unnecessary hazards in future, please pull back the padding and replace it with a new one. Open all doors and windows to speed up the drying process. Be patient because the process can take several days.

How to Dry Carpet after a Flood or Burst Sewer Pipe?

Grey and black water contain pathogens, germs, chemicals and gases. A little exposure to gases will lead you to unconsciousness and even death. If you think you are a victim of black or grey water damage, then do not waste your time; call professional services at the earliest. They will arrive at your location to dry and decontaminate the carpets properly.

Please be cautious when extracting the moisture from the carpets. Wear protective gear and replace the carpets if required.

We would suggest you call us 0380016041 for an inspection. Our Water Damage Restoration Melbourne professionals will arrive at your location and provide the best solution.

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