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Professional Water Extraction Services

Our water extraction technicians at Kit Flood Restoration Melbourne are well trained and IICRC certified to provide the best results. You should not compare professional methods and DIYs. Our professionals use advanced tools and chemicals to provide our water extraction services.

Our professionals can provide you with better results because they understand the cause and science of flood damage. After arriving at your location, experts analyze the situation to set the best strategy for flood water extraction. They have the experience, knowledge and skills to complete the process by fixing the source of the problems.

Please remember that you have only 24 hours to start the restoration process; otherwise, mold starts to grow in your premises. If you are running against time, taking professional help would be a wise decision.

After all, restoring is better than replacement. If you do not take the decision now, you may regret it later.

Please do not waste your time, call us now at 0370317508 for any emergency flood restoration services.

What Is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is the process of removing water after flood damage. It is a part of our flood restoration process.

Standing water affects the floorings and walls at your premises. That is why you need to extract water urgently. It prepares the breeding ground for mold, wood rot and damages the foundation of your property.

There are three parts to the water extraction process.

  • Removal of standing water
  • Finding hidden moisture
  • Dry the flood damage area

Our technicians aim to restore your property at the earliest. It becomes more challenging in case of black and grey water damage. Black water contains toxins, gases, and chemicals harmful to human health. That is why we recommend a professional strategy to keep your family safe.

Professionals use industry-grade equipment to complete the process. They also use protective gear to keep us safe.

If you hire us, the restoration will take only a couple of hours, but if you do the process alone, it may not be possible for you because you do not have equipment like us. Call us now for an Express Booking.

Our Water Extraction Process

As a professional, we use high-quality equipment and chemicals to do the task for you and try our best to restore your property as much as possible.

Our experts implement the 5-step strategy:

Step 1: Initial Inspection

Technicians arrive at your location to assess the situation; they can offer the exact quote only after assessing the situation. They will find the source of the problems and fix the issues.

Step 2: Preparation

Technicians prepare the area for the water extraction process. It does not take much time, but it will make our work easier.

Step 3: Water Extraction and Drying

In case of flood damage, professionals use sump pumps to remove the standing water. They find the hidden water and moisture with advanced equipment and try to eliminate the water as much as possible. After that, specialists start the drying process with the help of wet vacuums. Our industry-grade wet vacuums cover a large area to complete the process quickly.

Step 4: Sanitization

They sanitize the area to kill germs, viruses and deodorize the area in case of black water damage.

Step 5: Monitoring

Our senior specialists monitor the area carefully, and if you are satisfied, we complete the process and hand over the property to you.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you are a victim of flood water damage, you should call water damage restoration services.

24/7 Emergency Services

We have listened to your request; now, you can hire our services anytime because our professionals offer 24/7 emergency services. Call us for an express booking.

IICRC Certified Professionals

At Kit Flood Restoration Melbourne, all our water damage restoration services professionals are IICRC accredited and qualified to do the job for you. Our experts have the knowledge, skills and practices to provide the best result in your locality.

Advanced Equipment

Our technicians use truck mounted machines, sump pumps, mini cameras, wet vacuums, blowers, fans and many other industry-grade equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to do the job quickly for you.

High-Quality Service

Our professionals offer end-to-end services to meet all your flood restoration needs. We are just one phone call away. Book an express appointment, and our technicians will be there at your service within one hour of booking.

Services We Offer:

  • Water extraction equipment to remove waterlogged
  • Machine vibration remove all the dirt
  • Air-movers and dehumidifiers to remove even little moisture
  • Conditioning rinse to float out grit and soil
  • Repairing wet walls, floors, and other structural damage
  • Eliminating bad odour

If you wish to book our water extraction services, feel free to contact us at 0370317508. You can get an express booking online when you inquire.

Importance of Emergency Water Extraction after Water Damage

Most of the homeowners do not know the urgency of professional water extraction services. You are here because you want to know the essentialities of the service.

  • Only professionals can find out the cause of water damage. Most DIYs clean your property from outside and lead to gradual damages. Our professional technique offers the ultimate solution to all flood-related problems.
  • Our experts have faced many situations like this, so they can respond to the situation better than a common person that is why they help you to prevent your property from being damaged.
  • Our eco-friendly chemicals kill germs and prevent mold growth. In this way, our emergency water extraction services protect your family and property.
  • If you do not hire professional team, then you can be exposed to contamination, which can be deadly. They understand the situation better than you and use protective gear to do this process smoothly.
  • Moreover, the process takes a couple of hours. It means you can quickly get rid of this headache by hiring our services.
  • Professionals provide a service report, which helps you to claim insurance payout in case of major damages.

Call us at 0370317508 for a home inspection, and we will offer the lowest quote in Darlington.

Hot Water Extraction vs. Steam Cleaning Carpet

Most of the homeowners use these two words interchangeably. However, these are two different methods. In hot water extraction carpet cleaning, professionals use chemicals to break the dirt, germs on the carpet, and hot water to eliminate the dirt. In steam cleaning, specialists use hot water steam to kill the germs on the carpet.

  • HWE is more effective as an all-in-one cleaning, but steam cleaning is an effective way to sanitize the carpets.
  • In HWE, professionals heat the water up to 100 Degree Celsius, but in steam cleaning, they heat the water up to 150 Degree Celsius.
  • Steam cleaning carpets dry quickly as it uses less water than HWE.
  • Though many devices in the market are labelled as steam cleaners, this is wrong. Most people do not know the difference between the two methods.

However, if you do not know about the water extraction from carpet, then our experts are here to help you. We provide 24/7 services in your locality. If you need urgent help, inquire about an Express booking, you will get the appointment if you inquire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you provide guarantee on your water extraction and flood damage restoration work?

Absolutely. Our work is guaranteed and our customers have always vouched for it. We strive to work on our set objective of restoring our clients’ properties to make them liveable and safe for everyone.

2. Why is it important to start water extraction from the house as soon as possible?

The more time water is left to stay on a carpet the more it will destroy the subfloors and underlays of the carpets. Restoring such a damaged carpet is way more expensive than it really would be if immediate professional assistance was taken.

3. How long will it take for my carpets to dry after the water extraction has been done?

The carpets usually take 2 days to dry fully. The drying is also dependent on the magnitude of the flood damage, natural air, room layout, and the material of the carpet. The technicians at Kit Flood Restoration Melbourne return in a day to make sure the carpets have dried properly and if anything can be done to speedup up the drying.

4. Can I perform water extraction in my Melbourne home without hiring anyone?

No. it is not advisable to do so on your own for your own safety. Contact Kit Flood Restoration Melbourne for timely and systematic water extraction in Melbourne. We provide 24-hour emergency carpet water extraction and repair service to our clients at no additional cost. Book your appointment with us now!

5. What are the most common signs of water damage to look out for in the house?

It is notable to look out for signs like a musty odour in your home, black, brown and green coloured mould and mildew, the paint peeling off the wall, moisture remaining inside the rugs and carpets etc.

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